Less Sugar, More Benefit

Dr. Layth is here blogging from Barrie, Ontario Canada today to explain the benefits of sugar- less gum and how dental implants can help improve a sugary gum chewer’s dental hygiene issues. Dentists tell us to keep away from sugar at all costs, which makes the invention of sugar- less gum very convenient. There are so many benefits of chewing sugar-less gum throughout the day, that we have decided to list and explain them for you. However, keep in mind that everything is better in moderation; chewing gum all of the time can lead to dental health issues so manage how often you do this.

Sugar-less gum

  • Increases saliva production
  • Exercises jaw and neck
  • Prevents clenching jaw and teeth (good idea for people with bruxism)
  • Can beat cravings of unhealthy foods
  • Reduces cavity risk
  • Washes away digestive acids from foods and drinks
  • Gives you better breath
  • Safe for oral tissues which can improve overall oral health
  • Increases mineralization in our mouths
  • Reduces tooth staining

The lack of sugar in sugar-less gum actually works in our favor in so many different ways. By chewing this gum, it gives our gums good exercise which can keep them healthier (in moderation). When we chew, we need to use all of our jaw strength; so by doing this we are giving ourselves good exercise and practice of our jaw and neck. When we chew this gum after consuming food, we increase our salivary flow; this helps neutralize the bad acids and wash them away. This will reduce the amount of cavities we will get due to the constant extraction of loose particles and bacteria in the mouth. The remineralization of teeth helps to strengthen the enamel in order to protect our teeth from the nasty acids, bacteria and the harmful infections they can cause. Strong teeth are healthy teeth and sugar- less gum aides in that process significantly. By doing all of these things, sugar- less gum generally improves our oral health and reduces bad infections, tooth decay and tooth loss over time. People with bruxism should definitely consider chewing sugar- less gum in order to help with jaw and teeth clenching; this will help keep their mouths busy during the day so they will be less likely to stress and tighten their jawbones. One of the best things about this gum is that because it works so hard to increase saliva production, it actually helps our breath to become fresher.

If you have chewed sugary gum for years, your teeth are suffering as result. Our suggestion is to immediately go buy some sugar- less gum in order to work to restore whatever damage you have done. If you have tried this and there is no hope for your missing or loose teeth, you should consider dental implants. Dental implants can help to replace unhealthy, dead, or even missing teeth to complete your smile again.

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