If you are suffering from lowered confidence due to your missing teeth, then we have the solution to your problem: dental implants. This tooth restoration treatment utilizes the natural regenerative abilities of your body to replace the root of your missing tooth, perfectly replicating it in function and feel.

Discover how Dr. Layth and the team at Dr. Layth at Molson Park Dental provide this revolutionary treatment to patients in the Barrie, ON area.

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Get Dental Implants in Barrie

Dental implants have proven to be a better tooth loss solution especially when compared to the removable alternatives like dentures and bridges. They meet both the functional needs as well as the aesthetic needs. At Dr. Layth at Molson Park Dental we recommend getting this as a standard practice for tooth loss treatment as long as one meets the set criteria.

What Are They?

These are surgical fixtures placed in the jawbone and allowed to fuse together with the bone like a natural tooth using the body’s natural regenerative abilities. This provides the feel and function of a natural healthy tooth. Most implants are now made of titanium allowing for much better integration with the bone and more stability since they are not recognized as a foreign body as titanium is inactive.

The Benefits

Dentists in Bolton recommend implants because of their range of benefits to our patients. They are the closest solution that mimics natural teeth offering added stability like natural tooth roots. This prevents instances of sliding and movement when eating or laughing. The biting strength is also much better and improved.

Implants also protect your jawbone and gum. Since they act as natural teeth, they prevent gum recession and bone loss which tend to recede when the space is left empty. Other benefits include added confidence and a quality smile with no gaps in the teeth and preventing gradual tooth misalignment and potential multiple tooth loss.

Types Of Teeth Restoration We Provide

Whether it is a single tooth missing or a whole set, we have a restorative plan for you. For a single tooth loss, an implant is placed in the empty spot left from the tooth loss. After healing an abutment is added and then an artificial tooth attached. For multiple teeth loss, a variety of approaches are used. A replacement bridge supported by an implant at the ends can be used for teeth lost on the same row.

Prior to getting treated, Dr. Layth gets to evaluate the patients and determine if they are suitable candidates and then a treatment plan is laid out.

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